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The Worship Bride, is an independent, fun, successful and intelligent lady. She steps away from tradition bogging her down, yet uses Indian Culture to her advantage. She'll enjoy her wedding day- and through identifying the Worship Bride that we have come up with our Bridal Service Menu.

The Makeover for the Actual Wedding Day is priced at Rs. 18,000; includes make-up, regular/french re-varnish, attire styling, shampoo and a signature style.

We also offer the following packages for Brides:

SPOILT SILLY (1 Month) Rs. 75,000
- 1 x Cut & Finish (Senior Stylist)
- 8 X Upstyles/Signature Styles
- 2 X Hot Stone Manicures
- 2 X Hot Stone Pedicures
- 1 X Full Body Wax
- 4 X Body Exfoliation
- 4 x Four Layer Facial

The Spoilt Silly Package is designed for just a month before the wedding, and caters to the need to pamper oneself.

EVERYDAY DIVA (3 months) Rs. 55,000
- 12 X Signature Styles
- 6 X Manicures
- 6 X Pedicures
- 1 X Full Body Wax
- 3 X Swedish Massages
- 3 X Aromatherapy Massages

The Everyday Diva is specifically designed to cater to the bride's needs to look and feel good through her journey to her most important day.